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We buy: Toys, Model kits, Comics, Star Wars, Comic Art, Movie Posters, All Monsters, All Superheroes, GI Joe, Aurora, Godzilla, Transformers, Statues, Busts, MEGO, Planet of the Apes, Iron Giant, Alien, Predator, Halloween Costumes, Masks, Original Props/Reproductions and more for CASH! We are always looking for company closeouts and bulk offers.

We also purchase whole store inventories Contact us or come to the store for an honest appraisal and immediate payments.

Amok Time is the best way for quick and easy cash!

Phone: 516-520-0975 / Fax: 516-520-0628

Email: [email protected]

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Why make selling your collection harder than it has to be? Deal with professionals, Amok Time takes it's buying as seriously as you do. Why sell to us? Three simple reasons:

1) Quick and Easy payments made thru Pay Pal or Priority mail company check.

2) Friendly, knowledgeable staff with over 20 years of combined buying experience.

3) No waiting for on line bidders to hopefully pay or other shops that are only interested in consignment.

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Selling to Amok Time is the fastest and easiest way to safely sell your collection. From Warehouses to single high end pieces we buy it all. Getting started:

1) First we need a general idea of what you are selling. How do I do this? We recommend you make a list or take photos of your items for sale and email them to us. Please be as accurate as possible. Your description and information will greatly influence the price offered. Our email for purchasing is [email protected]

2) An Amok Time purchasing representative will return your email telling you if we are interested and the prices we are paying.

3) Once a price is agreed upon you need to send the items to us first. We insist that all items are shipped in sturdy boxes, fully insured with online tracking to protect all sellers from damage or loss. Amok Time is not responsible for any packages, lost or damaged, in the process of selling your items to us. Amok Time is not responsible for shipping charges. All prices offered are for the items only. Shipping is paid by the seller unless special arrangements are made.

4) Once items are inspected we will email you a bill of sale. You need to sign it, fax it or email it back to us. Once a bill of sale is received payment is quickly sent via paypal or company check


1) What if my items arrive damaged or go missing? In the case of damages or loss the seller needs to contact the shipping agent and file a claim. Amok Time is not responsible for any damages/loss made thru shipping.

2) I live locally can I sell items to you in person? YES YOU CAN! The best way to do this is to call in advance and set up an appointment. Our phone number is 516- 520-0975, Once an appointment is made we can estimate your items worth and get you paid in the same day!

3) How will I be paid in person? This depends on collections size, most likely company check or paypal.

4) All sellers must be at least 18 years old, anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. If you selling items and are under 18 all payments must be made out to a parent or guardian.

5) Can I buy my items back at a later date for the price I sold them to you for? Sorry no, all items once sold are the property of Amok Time.

6) Instead of cash can I get a store credit? YES! Store credit is always an option. You get an average of 20%-40% more than the cash price offered in store credit to use in our store or web site.

7) Any other questions or concerns please email [email protected]