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  • NECA Aliens Concept Albino Alien Action Figure

    The Albino Alien is our first concept figure from the 1986 movie. It was inspired by the original James Cameron screenplay, which describes an albino version of the Xenomorph that has an excreting probe in place of the usual second inner mouth. The Albino Alien has over 30 points of articulation and features a bendable mouth probe and a frightening new color scheme. Learn More

  • NECA Aliens Amanda Ripley Space Suit Action Figure (7" Scale)

    Series 6 in our best-selling Alien action figure collection is a tribute to Alien Isolation, the acclaimed video game that continued Ripley's story through her daughter, Amanda. The assortment includes two versions of Amanda (one in a jumpsuit and one in a spacesuit) and the Isolation Xenomorph. Amanda Ripley (Jumpsuit) comes with motion detector, flamethrower and backpack accessories. Amanda Ripley (Torrens Spacesuit) features a removable helmet and comes with a handgun accessory. The Isolation Xenomorph features a bendable tail. Figures range from 7" to 10" tall. Each is highly articulated and entirely authentic to the video game. Learn More

  • NECA Aliens 7" Scale Series 10 Queen Face Hugger Alien Action Figure

    Homage to Kenner expanded universe Aliens of the early 1990S Gorilla Alien, Queen face hugger and Mantis Alien stand over 9 inches tall and are fully poseable Each figure comes with a reprint of the classic dark horse mini-comic Learn More

  • NECA Aliens Private Ricco Frost Action Figure

    Private Ricco Frost - known as "Frosty" to his fellow Marines - comes to action figure form for the first time with the likeness of actor Ricco Ross. His detailed body armor features the same personalized touches as in the movie, and he's packed with accessories: removable helmet, ammo bag, M240 Flamethrower, and pistol that fits in a functioning holster. Pvt. Frost has over 25 points of articulation. Learn More

  • NECA 30th Anniversary Aliens "Rescuing Newt" Scale Action Figure (2 Pack), 7"

    Based on the 1986 film Aliens Ripley stands about 7 inches tall and newt stands about 5 inches tall Both Ripley and newt feature over 25 points of articulation Ripley comes with Flamethrower and "fire effect" attachment Authorized likeness of actress Sigourney Weaver and Carrie henn Learn More

  • NECA Pacific Rim 7" Scale Ultra Deluxe Figure Kaiju Hardship

    Pacific Rim - 7" Scale Ultra Deluxe Figure - Kaiju Hardship. From the epic Pacific Rim movie, our next boxed, ultra-deluxe kaiju action figure is Hardship! This deadly kaiju was one of the earliest to come through the breach, and was ultimately defeated by Romeo Blue. At over 8" tall and over 6" wide, Hardship is massive. This movie-accurate figure utilizes new tooling, features over 30 points of articulation, and is to scale with our Jaeger action figures. Learn More

  • NECA Aliens Facehugger Foam Replica

    As seen in the 1986 horror classic Aliens, this full-sized replica measures nearly 3 and 1/2 feet long and has a bendable tail, so you can pose it anywhere... waiting to drop on unsuspecting prey from above, even attached to your face. The Life Size Facehugger is made of detailed, hand-painted foam -- perfect for costuming or decoration! Please note the exterior Brown box may have shipping damage. We cannot return or exchange any item for exterior brown box defects. This is the way they are coming directly from NECA. Learn More

  • NECA Predator City Hunter with lights 1/4 scale Action Figure

    20" Tall with over 25 points of articulation LED Lights Mesh body suit netting Comes with interchangeable hands, throwing disc and collapsed spear accessories Uses button cell batteries, included Based on the 1990 film Predator 2, this massive action figure marks the triumphant return of the City Hunter to our 1/4 scale line! The action-packed sequel to the original movie moved the hunt to Los Angeles, where even on the streets, the Predator stalks his prey with deadly precision. Long out of production, the City Hunter 1/4 scale has been updated to include LED lights in the mask's targeting system and a new left forearm gauntlet that flips open. The figure stands an impressive 20" tall and is entirely accurate to the movie design, with over 25 points of articulation and mesh body suit netting. Learn More

  • NECA Alien - Foam Replica - Fossilized Space Jockey

    As seen in the 1979 horror classic Alien, this stunningly detailed replica of the Fossilized Space Jockey is perfect as a diorama element and a striking display piece on its own! It's perfectly in scale with our line of 7" figures, which means that it's appropriately massive: two feet long, over 18" tall, and the circular base is 18" in diameter! The Fossilized Space Jockey is made of hand-painted foam rubber and latex with all the details you see in the movie. Comes packaged in a sturdy reinforced corrugated box. No retail packaging Learn More

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